3 min a day

10 days


Get fit for mental health

Challenge yourself this December to 30 minutes (total) of burpees over 10 days and make an impact. Everybody deserves better health and it starts with you.

Your opportunity to make an impact

Burpee Thirty is an exciting new challenge platform created by youth mental health charity 20talk. Their aim is provide preventative mental health education to young Aussies all across the nation.

By completing 30 minutes of burpees total from December 1st to 10th you can make a real impact in the lives of people who live with mental illnesses.

Mental Health First Aid Scholarships

Every $300 raised allows 20talk to provide a MHFA scholarship to young adults aged 18-30.

Education Platform

Funds help 20talk provide educational content to over 20,000 young people in Australia every day.


Contributions are allocated to create interactive mental health events young people actually enjoy.


Get silly, have fun and make a real difference

You want to give back, but you don’t really want to run a marathon or shave your hair. Well you don’t have to. The beautiful thing about burpees is you can do them anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re competing with friends, organising an event for your office, or simply looking to be more active, Burpee Thirty is an easy, fun and exciting way for you to get fit and give back to those in need.





Dust off the cowboy hat or the wig in your bottom chest of drawers and have fun with a video of you completing burpees in your silliest costume.


Level up your burpee game with a video of you completing burpees next to your favourite animal.


Have you ever done burpees in Bunnings? Post a video of you completing burpees in the strangest location.

Share your story

Part of this challenge is to bring awareness to mental illness and offer a platform for young Aussies to share their stories and help others who may be going through the same experience.

Share a one minute social media video about your mental health lessons from this year and your reason for supporting mental health. The world wants to hear your story.

100% Donated to youth mental health

20talk is a mental health charity providing education, for young people, by young people. 20talk started this fundraiser because mental health prevention only attracts 2% of government/corporate funding. The way prevention charities are being supported needs to change.



Why should I sign up?

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Our challenge is kinda hard, but super fun.

  • Support grass roots preventative mental health. Not crisis lines.
  • Complete our funny challenges
  • Improve your V02 max
  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Establish a new routine
  • Support a startup charity

Where is my money going?

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The donations are split between Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Scholarships and and Free Online Education.

20talk has two of Western Australia's youngest MHFA instructors and believes in providing free training to young people. Every $300 raised puts a young person in need through a 2-day MHFA course.

Funding is also allocated toward of online media campaigns that are designed to educate a generation of young people. 20talk has a recording studio in Fremantle where they record mental health content and experiences.

What happens after I sign up?

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The whole signup and sharing process super easy.

After you enter your sign up details and set a fundraising goal; our website will generate you your own personal profile that you can share on email and social media.

An automatic information pack email will then be sent to your nominated email address which explains everything in more detail.

Burpee Thirty will send you SMS text reminders during the course of the event to remind you about extra challenges and fun facts.

Extra challenges include

  • December 1st: Sharing mental health lessons from 2022
  • December 4th: Posting costume burpees
  • December 6th: Posting strange location burpees
  • December 8th: Posting burpees with an animal